New Hair! Balayage Highlights

It's been a while since I did a hair post like this simply because I just haven't changed my hair in a long time. I decided to let it grow out...stopped heat styling to help the process...and it worked! My hair grew to my bra line and seemed nice and healthy (although it was definitely time for a trim). Recently though, it was just time for a change. I got tired of the long hair, it started to get damaged (like alwaysssss), and the more I looked at balayage highlights on Pinterest, the more I needed to have them.'s my shorter, lighter hair!

 photo balayage highlights 3_zpsspimykmv.jpg

I was trying and trying to get the most accurate picture of the color outside. This is it!
 photo To Blog23_zpsvlwqgcju.jpg

And a length comparison! Like I said, my hair was at my bra line. Now it's a tad longer than shoulder length with choppy layers...kinda like a long reverse bob.
 photo balayage highlights 2_zpsnhauunzk.jpg

I totally love the cut and color so much so that next time I go in I'm thinking of taking it a little shorter and having my ends done lighter to get more of an ombre look.

Oh and I'm back to heat styling. I love my new look styled with a flat iron!

Til next time...xoxo


  1. Love the feeling of a fresh cut and color for a change in seasons! Looking gorgeous!

    1. Fresh cuts are the best! Thanks Bailey! <3


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